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The GroundWork Monitor is a simple way to deploy Nagios monitoring to networks. It does a great job of monitoring Linux servers, and anything that speaks SNMP.

I recently needed to make some updates to a GroundWork Community Edition VM, and found myself in a situation where the admin user’s dashboard (web browser interface) password had been changed to an unknown value. I was able to SSH into the GroundWork VM though (it’s CentOS Linux based). There’s info floating around the net on how to reset the admin password, but it was written for older versions of GroundWork, so some of the default password, and MySQL schema details have changed.

Here’s what I did to reset the admin user’s password on GroundWork Monitor 6.0 Community Edition:

  • SSH into the GroundWork VM. If you haven’t changed the root user’s default password, then it’s going to be “opensource”
  • Login to MySQL, and run a query to reset the “admin” user’s password to “admin”. The admin password entered below uses a hash:
  • /usr/local/groundwork/mysql/bin/mysql -u root monarch
    update users set password='21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3' where user_name='admin';