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One of my customers recently had a Canon ImageRunner 5075 coper/printer/fax unit installed in their office. Everything seemed to be working until someone tried to print a document in Microsoft Word 97. It seems that Microsoft Word 97 didn’t like the new printer. It would crash every time someone went to File -> Print, and selected the Canon printer, but strangely enough, it printed just fine if the Canon IR 5075 was set as the default, and they just clicked on the Print icon.

None of the other printers caused Microsoft Word 97, or any of the other Microsoft Office 97 apps to crash. As a workaround while I tracked down the problem, I asked them to print their word documents as PDFs, then print the PDFs to the Canon ImageRunner 5075.

Needless to say, that kludge wasn’t a good long term solution for the printing problems.What I found was that Microsoft Word 97, and the rest of Microsoft Office 97 for that matter didn’t like Canon’s UFR (Ultra Fast Rendering) drivers. I found a PCL 6 driver for the ImageRunner 5075 on Canon’s website, switched to it, and the crashes ceased.