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VMware Server is a handy app to run in places where server virtualization is needed, but you can’t justify the expense or effort required to setup a VMware ESXi or Xen host. One of the reoccurring problems that I run into, even on lightly loaded servers is when trying to log into the VMware Infrastructure Web Access interface, the browser gets stuck at “Loading…”, and never brings up the login form. I’ve observed this on Firefox in Linux, Mac OS X and Windows; as well as within Internet Explorer.

It turns out that the fix for this doesn’t involve the browser at all, but rather a VMware Server settings. Some Googling turned up this thread in VMware Communities, which spells out the following fix:

  1. Edit /etc/vmware/webAccess/proxy.properties
  2. Change the following line:proxy.noCache = false…to:

    proxy.noCache = true

  3. Restart the vmware-mgmt service:
    /etc/init.d/vmware-mgmt restart

That’s it! You may need to refresh your browser one more time after this, but after completing these steps, you should now be prompted to login to VMware Infrastructure Web Access.